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Trash Collection

Effective November 1st, 2019, Trash collection is on Monday by Best Way Disposal.

If you need more than one 95 gallon cart - please contact the Town Hall.

Your container should be at the curbside on Sunday night.  Pick up times will vary during the day on Monday.  Container should be removed from the curb following trash pick-up.

Please place the receptacle within 4-5 feet of the curb, street or roadway with the handles & wheels point away from the road and towards your home.  Do not place the receptacle within 4 feet of parked vehicles, trees, mailboxes, fences, utility poles or other receptacles.

Please set your cart out every week to prevent over-filling.

One heavy trash item per household will be picked up on Mondays.  Please do not place these items at the curb until Sunday evening.  Bedding must be wrapped in plastic.

  • Holiday Schedule:
    • No collections will take place on Christmas Day or New Years Day. In years when Christmas Day and News Years Day fall on regular collection days, the first business day following the holiday will be the collection day. 
    • In 2024, trash collection will be be delayed by one day on the following holidays that fall on a Monday:
      • Memorial Day (May 27)
      • Labor Day (September 2)
  • What can go in the cart:
    • The cart and automated pick-up service are designed for bagged household waste only.  The cart is serviced by a truck with an automatic arm.  Please leave 4 (four) feet of room around the cart.
  • What can NOT go in the cart:
    • tires, dirt, rock or concrete
    • construction and/or demolition material
    • paint cans with paint still in them
    • motor oil
    • car batteries
    • acids
    • herbicides
    • pesticides
    • pool chemicals (or any household hazardous waste)
    • yard waste - grass, leaves, brush
    • electronics 

For more information - contact Best Way - bestway-disposal.com / 800-354-1830


pdfOrdinance 2023-2:Solid Waste Collection